Welcome to Lawrance’s

Lawrance’s, Lawrence’s, Laurence’s – the name is easy enough to pronounce, but the spelling of this particular bakery and bar is where a lot of people will come undone. As you may well of worked out, the name Lawrance’s has come from the surname of 50% of the business and is spelt slightly different to the two more common spellings above but we feel that it fits with the different edge and interesting vibes that we’re going for.

Lawrance’s Bakery & Bar is going to bring you delectable homemade cakes, an exciting cocktail menu and rich and lively coffee from Italian blend with beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Perù, India.

If you’ve had a long day and you fancy cake and cocktail then that is a combination that we will be more than happy to provide!

In the heart of Truro

Situated in the most prominent and vibrant section of Truro which hosts a number of bars and restaurants, old and new. Lawrance’s is a in a great location on New Bridge Street – right next to the bridge – which has ground floor windows overlooking Truro river and a first and second floor which you can overlook part of the wonderful city.

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